The Best Shoes Under 500: For Men and Women

Would you like to dress yourself with an awesome pair of best shoes under 500? Then this article is going to show you how you can accomplish such thing. We have separated this article in two sections: for men and for women. Let’s start with the ladies.

For Women:

Valentino Garavani high heels. This is an expensive pair yet awesome, something you would expect to get from a good firm like Valentino Garavani – you simply get the best.

Proenza Schule Pumps. And finally, if you are looking for something very elegant yet more affordable, then you should choose these. They will make you look very sexy and elegant. For real, these pair of pumps by Proenza Schule are the real deal for a beautiful woman like you.

For Men:

Meermin Dark Brown Calf Shoes.
If you are looking to look amazing whenever you go out, then you can buy these shoes for a little more than $180 USD. They will look great on you in any occasion, especially for formal events.

Velasca Milano Esclusiv Shoes. Here we have something in the same price range, which also looks awesome. If you like full-black shoes, then these ones will make you very happy. Because they will look great on you.

Jack Erwin Chester Ankle Boots. These are a little more expensive on the $220 side, but these are great if you are looking for elegant and comfortable boot-style shoes. They are made of top-notch leather, which will make you look great, feel awesome and very comfortable as well.

Carlos Santos Black Dress Shoes. And here we have the most expensive pair from this listing. You can get them for approximately $320 USD. If you are looking for something luxurious, then here you have a good choice.