Going with the best strategies for being Dengue Fever Prevention

how to prevent dengue


Dengue Fever-a highlight

Dengue fever proves to be a mosquito-borne virus which can take a form that is deadly. The origination took place by the spread of the virus that had occurred by means of travel and trade. This is usually referred to as the ‘breakbone fever’ which can also be with the multiple symptoms. Let us have an idea about how to prevent dengue.

Some typical symptoms

High Fever with Severe Abdominal Pain. It is also associated with a Severe Headache, conditions of the Persistent Vomiting, Severe Eye Pain which can also come with the occurrence of the Red Spots, Tarry Stools along with the Rash. One can also experience the Drowsiness or Irritability along with the  conditions often Easy Bruising and many others.

The spread and it’s prevention

dengue virus spreads with the help of one mosquito bites. When it bites TSB infected human, it carries the terms to another body. At times, the bites can actually bring the life-threatening symptoms. There must be mandatory use of the repellents and settings which can help avoid mosquito bites.

  • There are measures taken while travellers travel in foreign locations. One can choose to actually get the support of the Passport Health to avoid dengue.
  • There is an utmost need to Wear long-sleeve shirts as well as long pants.
  • One needs to Treat clothes with the regular spray of repellents like permethrin in order to keep away the mosquitoes.
  • One should definitely make the Use of EPA-registered mosquito repellent. The best one is the DEET.
  • One needs to essentially Consider using mosquito netting when one is prone to the areas having many mosquitoes.
  • There is also a need to Make sure that the windows and doors screens are essentially used in order to avoid mosquitoes entering into enclosed spaces.
  • One need to regularly clean homes in order to Avoid areas that have the problems of standing water. There is a need to take extra care at dawn and dusk. how to prevent dengue

Another essential point

Passport Health locations usually help in the manner by advising to carry kits that are specifically designed in order to prevent mosquito bites as well as the  spread of mosquito-borne disease. There is always a need to make a visit with the travel clinic such as the Passport Health, prior to going to anywhere else.


There is always a need to make the use of the insect repellent, wearing long-sleeved shirts as week as long pants, and making other implementations to control mosquitoes inside as well as on the outside surfaces. Taking some measures can actually help lessen the chances of the mosquito bites. It is very necessary to Avoid infection with the idea of adoption of strategies for preventing mosquito bites.