Things to Consider Before Switching Your New Born to Baby Formula

Things to Consider Before Switching Your New Born to Baby Formula

A baby’s health is always a priority and prime concern for a mother. A newborn is solely dependent on milk to get all the necessary nutrients for proper growth. Future physical and mental development of a baby rests on the proper feeding in the initial months of life. A mother’s milk naturally has the nutrients that a baby must have for well-being. However, if due to illness or any other reasons, production of milk in mother’s breast is not enough, it would be a wise move to supplement the newborn with baby formula. At the same time, ensure that your decision of starting bottled milk for the baby has a solid basis.

Breastfeeding of the baby comes naturally to a mother. However, sometimes, she has to supplement the newborn with a baby formula to supply the necessary nutrients for proper growth and well-being. In doing so, however, the mother must consider many aspects of the milk supplements before finally adopting these practices for a newly born baby. Please do not forget that bodies of newborns are very delicate and their immune system is still in its early stage of development. A slight ailment due to wrongly recommended supplement may put the baby’s health to some danger.

The first and foremost tip is to ask a question regarding the usefulness of baby formula if you have decided to offer it as an additional source of nutrients. Consult a pediatrician to find out the exact formula of nutrition. It’s a fact that each milk supplement comes with different formulas. So, you should be very careful in selecting the right formula that matches with specific requirements of your baby. A mother should not hesitate in asking the question about the formula until she is satisfied with one suitable for her baby.

A mother should always be aware of the fact that breastfeeding is still the best for her baby. Hence, even after switching to baby formula, the mother should go on breastfeeding. She should start with breastfeeding her baby, and when the baby is no more interested, or the milk production in the breast is lacking, then the mother should offer bottled milk. Do not think that your baby will now be always feeding through a bottle. Do not let the baby be an addict of the bottle and so, ensure that you offer breast milk very regularly as well.

When opting for baby formula, you should adopt a trial and error approach to learn which formula suits your newborn. Babies are fussy if they do not like a certain thing. So, the baby will instantly let you know about his or her dislike about a milk supplement by removing the mouth away from the feeding bottle or fussing and crying. However, the baby will instantly let you know with a smile or by clapping, etc., if he or she likes the formula. Do not force a wrong formula on your baby or it may even have serious consequences on the well-being of the baby. Make a wise selection of the formula by doing a little research.

Also, immediately reject the baby formula that causes vomiting, allergies or stomach troubles for the baby. You should visit the doctor if the baby shows any adverse signs due to consumption of the bottle milk. The doctor may suggest changing the supplement. This way, you can finally know about the formula that is best suited for your newborn. It would help if you also researched by yourself. The market has dozens of milk supplement brands with each having its own formula. Most brands are well advertised, and you can be easily misled to buying a wrong brand. Hence, researching the information about the nutrients required for the circumstances that your baby is going through is necessary. You should also know the difference between tender formula and sensitivity formula. This will fill you with confidence in making an informed purchase of baby formula.

Always keep this in mind that there is no alternative to breastfeeding. Your priority and responsibility towards the baby are to provide your breast milk. Even when you have switched over to bottled milk, try to start feeding with breast milk which is nature’s gift to the newborn. Then, due to lack of sufficient milk production in your breast, you should later provide the baby formula. Research the market extensively to find an ideal formula that suits your baby for its nutrient requirements.