Major Difference between XDS Bike & XDS Bicycle

xds bikes

You will be happy that you have touched base on the XDS mountain bicycle page. Why? This is because XDS is one of the best bicycle manufacturers in the world. The company pays special attention to the design and features of the bicycles produced so much so that the Xds bikes is considered to be superior to the bikes produced by other manufacturers.

Each of the 3 Ivanhoe Cycle stores stocks a wide range of XDS mountain bicycles. There are bicycles for both the young and the old as well as bicycles for both males and females. There are BMX bicycles as well as mountain bikes for all seasons. The range includes the lightweight 8-speed XDS Strike mountain bikes all the way to the XDS Boss.


The XDS Strike mountain bikes are ideal for children from 10 years old and upwards. All XDS Strike mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels which provide the much needed stability, traction and wide gearing. Each Strike show comes in sizes from XS (13″) to L (19″). The Strike 4.0 is the perfect kids’ mountain bicycle for kids who are tall and confident enough to wander into an adult size wheel. These bicycles are unique and have an asking price of $429.00.

What next?

Next, we have the XDS Strike 5.0 which is characterized by an increased number of gears and an improvement in the quality of the gears. This technology guarantees a smooth experience when changing gears.

The XDS Strike 2.0 is the best recreational model produced by this manufacturer. It features hydrodynamics circle brakes and high quality Shimano apparatuses which are ideal for recreational riders who ride on the rough terrains. Hence, it is ideal for riders who either ride on trails or on the Lysterfield or the You Yangs trails.
XDS also produces the Boss 29er 1.0. This bicycle is built with extreme strength, allowing it to conquer unpleasant and some-what impossible terrains. The bikes have a high stopping power, an incredible suspension system and a strong and durable build.
The icing on the cake is that each XDS bicycle comes with a life-time build warranty.

xds bikes


If you are looking for a superior quality mountain bicycle, then the XDS bike is definitely made for you. It boasts of fixed bearing center points (smoother rolling and less support), smoother suspension and more dominant brakes. The suspensions allow you to enjoy a smooth ride regardless of the nature of the terrain. The brakes have a high stopping power and require very little maintenance.