What are the different types of ice skates?

Different form of skates are available for ice sports and market nowadays are flooded with number of ice skate sizes and styles that accommodate the needs of all kinds. There are lots of ice skates used and the most widely used skates are

  • ice skatesFigure ice skates – The skate is designed with general manufacturing that fit with flexibility and other surrounding skater choice. The blades extend to approximate size of an inch beyond backside of boot. The curved shape at front is serrated using a toe pick that allow skater with certain moves. When it is about design, the skate will enable the performance with spins, jumps and many other moves easier. Even though these skates are costly, it is absolutely best value for money.
  • Recreational ice skates – This is for people who do not skate regularly or not a professional skater. It is designed to support the pastime skaters which resemble figure skates but it does not provide padding along professional skater requirement. This kind of skating is usually for kids and it is mostly affordable when compared with figure ice skates
  • Hockey ice skates – It is designed according to the physical demand that us created differently when compared with figure skates. These skates come with boot that wearer foot forward with quite similar shoes. It is light in weight and has better padding. It is specially designed for hockey player with comfort and support.
  • Speed ice skates – It is actually totally different when compared with variety of skates. For safety reasons, speed ice skates are not suggested to anyone who is not active in any sport. It is made for faster and forward movement which is manufactures with lightweight leather and many flexible materials that makes natural running position of foot. It has blades that are longer and it extends beyond the boot.
  • Clap ice skates – The blades are attached via hinge that projects towards front. The skate enables blade in detaching the heel that is actually racing along with prevention to dig into ice and keep up the level for extended time period. The outcome forward with increased pushing power.

These are some of the top ice skates that come under best and most widely used option. Before starting to buy any of the skates, make a deep research in every type and decide the purpose before making final decision. Make a decision based on your need and preference.