Top 5 Gaming Keyboards

High rate performance with excellence features

Want to have gaming keyboard with excellence performance? Check out the top 5 list below.

  1. Corsair K55

K55 is an innovative product from Corsair with maximum features such as rubber wrist, ergonomic shape, back lighting, and macro keys keyboards. Rubber wrist give a rest to gamer’s arm whenever they feel fatigue during long time period of gaming. Feature of 6 macro keyboards enable gamer to customize their own gaming keys to combine several steps, make it become a faster instruction. With all of these features, it becomes one of best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars.

  1. BlueFinger CM200

Second choice is the famous one with cracked design which is available in three backlight options such as blue, red and sterling purple. Made from a high quality material, this gaming keyboard is not only having a fantastic design, but also having high performance by having 10 multimedia keys and 19 anti-ghost keys. It is compatible in almost operating system such as Windows and MAC.  And one more important thing, it gives you 6 months warranty where the other gaming keyboard may not have.

  1. Redragon K55-2 KUMARA

Next excellence choice of best gaming keyboard under 50 Dollars is Redragon K55-2 KUMARA with smaller dimension, 100% conflict-free of key features, and 12 multifunction keys. Simplicity design is coming through the unavailability of number pad which will be very efficient to be used in small desk space. Ability to encounter 100% keys without any conflict beat any other competitor; make it become best of the best options.

  1. Redragon S101

A set of Redragon S101 consists of keyboard and mouse with much more features than previous series. The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys and 19 anti-ghosting keys which enable you to do various functions during the game. The mouse weight is quite heavy and has 2 sides’ buttons with 6 function keys. Combination of its keyboard and mouse functions gives an excellence performance in overall gaming experience with Redragon S101 series.

  1. HAVIT Rainbow Combo

Last option in our top list is coming from HAVIT series. Color options are available in black and white, in a set of keyboard and mouse. You can have a very exciting backlight features in this set with medium, high and breathing light in red, blue, and purple. Although it has only 5 keys for multimedia, it has a cool feature is 19 anti-ghosting keys to enable you to do 19 multi-typing at the same times.