Thanks to the modern technology and ease of access, projectors have become so common that every other person either owns a projector, or is planning to get a new projector. That coupled with the fact that finding the best projector 2017 has become super easy with the help of The Geekly News projector guide, and you have a recipe for a great amount of fun. Now, almost everyone knows what a project is, but for those who don’t, we’ll explain it; a projector is basically an optical device that is used to project an image or a video onto a surface, the surface is commonly known as projection surface. Now most projectors do this by shining a light through a very small transparent lens, this helps create the image or the video on the projection screen. However, the modern, more expensive projectors can take care of the projection directly with the help of lasers, which means that they don’t need a small lens doing the job.

With that said, there are actually a lot of different type of projectors that are widely available in the market, and today, and for the sake of references, below are some of them listed.

  • Overhead projector.
  • Opaque projector.
  • Slide projector.
  • Video projector.

These projectors server different purposes, and are widely used around the world, from classrooms, to cinemas, and even for people who want some really good home entertainment. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the advantages of having a projector at your home, so without wasting any more time, let’s take a look.

Larger Screen to Watch Movies on

3d-projectorThe first benefit of having a projector at your home is for people who like to watch movies on the big screen; there’s no denying that the experience of watching movies on a bigger screen is always better than the experience you get from watching the movies on a smaller screen, and you can’t always go to the cinema to watch the movie you want. In cases like this, having a projector at home can be really helpful as you can always watch whatever movie you want without any hassle. Plus, these projectors are really easy to install and setup.

Cost Effective

This may come as a surprise to a projector is actually very cost effective, especially when you compare the total cost of buying and setting up a projector is actually lesser than a cost of a big screen TV, and guess what? You will actually get a much larger screen estate as compared to the TV, and unlike your large screen TV, you can carry the projector anywhere you want as long as you have a carrying case. As for a projection screen, even those are portable, or you can just make a projection screen out of a plain, white wall or a large piece of white cloth. The choices are limitless, and that’s what has made the projectors so famous among people who are always on the move.