the plenty of thrills with the Free Guided Stockholm Walk Tour

Free Tour Stockholm

One can get the best pleasures when he or she plans to go with a tour to Stockholm with the Free Tour Stockholm . One can choose to Join a guided walking tour especially in the regions of the Old Town which can let one experience about all the beautiful historical buildings,  learn the history as well as build a better idea about the founding of Stockholm. This can be clearly explained with the fascinating tales and facts related to the city. the Old Town is always considered to be the important part especially in terms of the cultural heritage which can be dated back to the 1200s.

How such a tour can be a great idea?

 the guided tour can be a great way to go through the pretty, and narrow alleys, with cobblestone streets moving through old vaults which can really allow one to sense about the old Stockholm. This can also give one the entire idea about dark history as well as the associated ideas about when the Old Town was simply a slum, horrifying history related to the Stockholm’s Blood Bath and many others. The tours can be arranged for about  25 people at a time. There is flexibility with this system in the manner that there are No pre-bookings needed. the tour can be totally conducted on the basis of the availability. One can get to the sure by simply hiring the Bus of the numbers 2, 53, 55, 57, 76.

 Free Tour Stockholm

Top attractions at the location

There are plenty of attractions at the location. Some of them can are listed as the

  • Vasa Museum which can come with a fixed FREE ENTRY this asking SEK 150.00
  • the Royal Palace
  • the magnificent Skansen Open Air Museum
  • the special site of the Hop On Hop Off which can be both accessed with the Stockholm Bus as well as the Boat Tours
  • the ancient Nobel Prize Museum
  • One can hit the location for the Stockholm Winter Tour
  • the magnificent NordiskaMuseet
  • the most popular site Drottningholm Palace which can be also associated with the Boat Tour
  • This can be followed by the Skyview as well as Fotografiska


One can simply choose to stay tuned with the website which can bring to one the free updates related to the Stockholm attractions, helped by the promotional emails. The Free Tour Stockholm can be too thrilling.